Freelancing as a graphic artist. This led to his changing majors and graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design. Working right out of college he would spend the next four years as a graphic designer in both the private and corporate sector. Until growing complacent with the lack of creative diversity corporate design offered, bouts with depression and a desire to evolve artistically he decided to pack up and move back to Los Angeles to earn his Masters in design. However, as fate would have it while back in L.A. he was encouraged and exposed to the craft of acting. Though uninterested and dismissive at first, as he began to study the craft his passion grew and creativity began to reignite. Being open to new experiences he dove in head first and began acting classes and self submitting to any and every project of interest from student films, short films, theater plays and commercials. As his experience grows his ambitions grow more lofty. As he puts it, "I believe that we can achieve only as far as we can perceive. If I can see myself attaining something then at some point, through hard work and trusting my intuition I will have it. I have never been one to doubt the possibilities of my potential or compare my place in life with someone else's, gauging my success by another's accomplishments. This way I know that my motivation is pure and that success or failure is at the hands of me alone."


Vincent Volaju is an American artist and Los Angeles native. The son of a southern born father who was a musician and native angelino mother who was an artist and fashion designer. Artistic expression has always been part of his environment growing up, as a child drawing and painting came naturally to him replicating and creating his favorite comic books. After high school his family left Los Angeles and moved to Las Vegas where Vincent, in search of other creative platforms studied music, learning to play the piano and guitar. He later studied animation for a brief semester before being inspired by apparel entrepreneurs like Marc Ecko and Christopher Wicks he left to study fashion design at The International Academy of Design & Technology where he met great success. With the boom of graphic tee companies and high demand for his illustrations he took his growing knowledge of fashion with his raw artistic talent and shifted his focus towards the entrepreneurial. 


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