LaJoi Whitten is a Los Angeles native.  She earned her Bachelor's degree in Theater Arts at UC Santa Cruz.  She has been in numerous stage productions, including Hairspray as Motormouth Maybelle and The Last Days of Judas Iscariot as Henrietta Iscariot and the feisty Saint Monica.  She will be earning her MFA in Acting for Theater/TV/Film at Cal State Los Angeles in the Fall of 2016.  LaJoi is honored to be cast as Millicent in When Sin Comes Knocking and looks forward to being part of future plays with Unlimited Praise Productions.


On July 14th 1990 the world forever changed. Nava Goodman, a rambunctious creative social butterfly always had a love of entertaining. Starting out, her creative love was nurtured at her home Church in Worcester, Massachusetts where she participated in every church play and music recital. Although her alma mater,  Lincoln University, did not offer theater,  Nava used her acting skills as a platform when becoming Miss Lincoln University, and the chapter president of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated. She was also able to develop her artistic skills  while acting in the university's first sitcom, " In the Life of Tone," which aired on campus regularly and in nearby townships. Nava hasn't yet worked with large names or acting studios, but her creativity and skill nonetheless endures. You can enjoy original works on her social networks (IG: NavaGoodman) where she showcases her own projects that she has written, starred in, directed, produced, and even shot upon occasion. Being new to Los Angele, Nava is overly excited that her FIRST casted project in this time zone is "Wanda" in the hit gospel play When Sin Comes Knocking.


Danny Royce is known for his performance as Efren in the Independent Film Flush, Joe from Short Film Shattered, and

Co-Host of Empire After Show.  He is known for his strong presence on screen and on the stage. His expressions really capture the audience and makes them relate to his characters. Danny studied acting at various studios and works hard to perfect his craft. He has studied at Casey Lee Studios, Hey, I Saw Your Commercial!, and Ivana Chubbuck. It was at an early age when Danny showed passion for arts. He would start playing piano, performing in Show Choir, writing music, and writing films. Danny is also a model and owner of Royce Fit4Life, an Online Personal Training Program. Danny is fluent in Spanish and English. He strives to be the best he can be in all aspects of his life. Danny's love for his family is one of his greatest motivators. He truly cherishes the love and support of his family and friends. With God on his side, nothing is impossible!! Born to inspire.  "Success is helping others succeed.  Only then will you inherit the riches of the Earth."-Danny Royce


Steven Russell-Harts also known as Stevie Hearts is a Moorish American Actor, Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Designer and Athlete. Stevie is 21 years old, born and raised in Compton, CA. He is currently in school playing football and studying theater at Santa Monica College. Stevie owns a jewelry company named 'Rocks By Stevie' where he handcrafts metaphysical stones and crystals into beautiful works of art. As an entertainer, Stevie has been offered multiple recording deals from profound artist like ‘The Game’ and ‘Wale.’ He snagged 1st place in the Def Jam Artist showcase in 2014, and was also placed 1st in the Interscope Break the Stage Artist Showcase. Stevie has had countless performances including SXSW Tony Williams Showcase, Opening for The Game's Documentary 2 Tour 2015, and KJLH 4th of July Festival, 2015. Stevie has also played the lead role of Albert Peterson in the theater production Bye, Bye, Birdie. He has been called back 3 times to read in front of F. Gary Gray for the NWA Movie "Straight out of Compton.” As a song writer, Stevie has worked with R&B heavy weights such as Tyrese, Tank, Troop, Envogue, Michele, and many more. We look forward to seeing what else this young man will accomplish in the near future. "Time is of the essence…I pray my destiny is manifesting." - Stevie Hearts.

Female Devil / Angel Dancer

Blessed through movement, Sommer Jewel Ware worked with Director/Producer Mark E. Swinton as a lead dancer in the musical production, What's Going On. She has also danced in several (about 8) gospel plays Written/Produced/Directed by Jewel Anderson. Sommer developed her dance techniques during her adolescent years at Fire & Ice Dance Studios in Leimert Park, CA. She played the role of Evileen in the Coleman's adaptation of The Wiz at the legendary Vision Theater and also preformed there playing the steel drums while in elementary school. Sommer joined the first drill team at Alexander Hamilton High school and went on to become a cheerleader during her senior year. She continued cheerleading after she graduated, and became known as "Twinkle Toes" at Paine College for her extremely high jumps and soft landings. Sommer thoroughly enjoyed cheerleading, but dancing will always be her first love. When Mi-Ling McFall founded the Juneteenth vendor celebration at Southern California Edison, Sommer choreographed and performed annually, offering a cross-pollinated rendition of “Strange Fruit” by Billie Holiday and “Four Women” by Nina Simone. This impassioned presentation lead to multiple engagements at various community events and churches for she and her dance group. She has also encouraged worship while ministering as a praise dancer. “I truly believe that dance is the language of the soul, and I feel complete, free, and in sync with God's purpose for my life while I’m dancing. I hope to bless others through my movement, and tell a story that words do no justice.”

Unlimited PraiseProductions 

​Janelle / Midnight Angel / Angel Dancer

Canadian born, Atlanta native, and new to Los Angeles, Latonya “C. Inner G.” Sampson is a professionally trained actress and dancer. She has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Theater and Dance. Starring in roles from Shakespeare to works by the critically acclaimed James Baldwin. Within two months of living in Los Angeles, Latonya recently starred in an off-Broadway play called Wonder Women in the heart of Hollywood, CA. She is currently earning a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy and her passion is to inspire and change lives through the art of entertainment and therapy.

Male Angel / Devil

Vincent Volaju is an American artist and Los Angeles native. The son of a southern born father who was a musician and native angelino mother who was an artist and fashion designer. Artistic expression has always been part of his environment growing up, as a child drawing and painting came naturally to him replicating and creating his favorite comic books. After high school Vincent studied music, learning to play the piano and guitar. He also studied animation and later,  fashion design at The International Academy of Design & Technology where he met great success. Freelancing as a graphic artist led to his changing majors and graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design. Working right out of college he would spend the next four years as a graphic designer in both the private and corporate sector. Until growing complacent with the lack of creative diversity corporate design offered, bouts with depression and a desire to evolve artistically he decided to pack up and move back to Los Angeles to earn his Masters in design. However, as fate would have it while back in L.A. he was encouraged and exposed to the craft of acting. Though uninterested and dismissive at first, as he began to study the craft his passion grew and creativity began to reignite. Being open to new experiences he dove in head first and began acting classes and self submitting to any and every project of interest from student films, short films, theater plays and commercials. As his experience grows his ambitions grow more lofty. As he puts it, "I believe that we can achieve only as far as we can perceive. If I can see myself attaining something then at some point, through hard work and trusting my intuition I will have it. I have never been one to doubt the possibilities of my potential or compare my place in life with someone else's, gauging my success by another's accomplishments. This way I know that my motivation is pure and that success or failure is at the hands of me alone."


Sean Paul Payton is an all-around entertainer.  As a dancer, he has performed in videos for Lady Gaga, Filter and Shahram Solati just to name a few.  He also leads the Hollywood United Methodist Church choir as head of the tenors.  He has also experimented with songwriting and now makes his LA acting debut with When Sin Comes Knocking. Sean's training for the arts began with saxophone in 5th grade.  Dance became an interest in Junior High and he went on to gain classical training in ballet, modern, and jazz while at Bowling Green State University where he also received classical voice training. Since moving from Ohio to LA, Sean has trained in hip hop dance with dance masters Free Boogie, Amari Marshall, Anthony Thomas, Kennis Marqui, and Nick DeMoura.  Sean also trained in acting at Ivanna Chubbuck's studio and has taken voice lessons from Brett Manning Studios, Lis Lewis & Red Pelican music group. Sean continues his vocal training by following the guidance of Choir Director/Organist John West. Looking toward the future, Sean wants to take his vocals to the next level as singing is his #1 passion.  He also can't wait for the next chance to dance, sing, act, song write or do all of the above.  To keep up with Sean Paul Payton, follow him on Instagram @seanpaulpayton or Facebook as "Sean Paul Payton."