Unlimited Praise Productions is a young and growing production company with a primary focus on developing and producing Christian and inspirational live theater content. Our goal is to encourage people to examine themselves and their lives to improve their relationship with God. We hope that viewers will see themselves in the characters and develop a better understanding of the deep love and commitment Christ has for mankind.


Hello, my name is Mi-Ling McFall, Founder of Unlimited Praise Productions. This production company was birthed out of my own need for  "real to life" Christian entertainment that would tell relatable stories that would talk about and demonstrate the real struggles Christians encounter in our daily walk with the Lord. I often yearned for Christian entertainment and found myself disappointed that television and movies didn't really cater to this segment of the population.   After much prayer, the Lord ministered to me and gave me the inspiration for the story line of Unlimited Praise Productions' first stage release, When Sin Comes Knocking.

With pen in hand and the Holy Spirit as my motivator, God developed character after character, line upon line, until this work was written...and stay tuned because God has already given me the inspiration for the follow-up story!

I want to thank you for joining me on this journey and I trust that you will enjoy the ride! If you enjoy live theater and great story lines, you are in for a thrill.  This production will have you on edge of your seat, laughin', cryin', fussin', and shakin' your head. You're bound to feel every possible emotion as the story unfolds! 

I appreciate you for spending this time with me. You could be anywhere doing anything else but you chose to spend this moment with me. I don't take that for granted. Come on out to theater and share in this experience...you'll be glad you came!

Yours in Christ,


The Birthing

“Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, O lord my strength and my redeemer."  
― Psalms 19:14

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